Sara Rose Performs!!

Daytime and night, Sara is an absolute joy to watch!

Updated September 28 2011

First Steps! (3/9/08)

Sara on the go! (1/30/08)

She loves Cheerios! (10/8/07)

Watch her go! (9/13/07)

She's starting to crawl! (9/13/07)

Bath Splash Time! (6/14/07)

Oops.... she... um.... well... you know (6/9/07)

She girgles and coos even more! (6/9/07)

She girgles and coos now! (6/9/07)

A good morning and lots of smiles! (4/26/07)

She starts to giggle and make other sounds! (4/26/07)

One of these days, she'll get it and it will be all thumb, all the time. (4/11/07)

She's trying so hard to get her hand in her mouth. Soon, the thumb! (4/10/07)

April Fools! This is in no way a commentary on the quality of the Baby Beethoven! (4/1/07)

The Baby Beethoven DVD seems to be calming... even if only for a minute! (4/1/07)

Her Wonder Bread outfit is revisited. She explores the depths of her new mobile! (2/23/07)

Sara takes a lovely bath! (2/2/07)

Sara is absolutely transfixed by her new in-crib aquarium! (1/26/07)

Sara Rose takes her first bath! (1/18/07)

Despite Mommy's vacuuming, Sara sleeps like a baby! (1/18/07)

Continuing her tradition of hiccups... (1/17/07)

Sara has the hiccups Again on Wednesday (1/10/07)

Sara has the hiccups Wednesday afternoon (1/10/07)


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